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Testimonials & Case Studies

The following was kindly provided by our clients:

Bats Theatre


BATS Theatre is an intimate performance venue on Kent Terrace in Wellington, New Zealand.

"Shoutpoint is handy for keeping in touch and giving
the inside word … our clients have emailed
saying how great our newsletters are."

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-- Steph Walker, Programme Manager BATS

With performances changing monthly (if not weekly), BATS decided to implement the Shoutpoint newsletter tool. Already having a strong brand image, it was decided that to continue to capture the more technology savvy audience, a weekly interactive newsletter would be appropriate.

BATSmailOriginally collecting email addresses by handing back slips of paper after live performances, BATSmail now reaches not just their audience through Shoutpoint email marketing, but media outlets, funders and friends of the BATS Theatre.

"It feels like you're just sending a memo to our best customers," explains Steph, BATS Programme Manager, who has been using Shoutpoint since June 2005. "Even the people with no technical abilities can use Shoutpoint, no problem!"

The features Steph finds particularly satisfying to use are the reporting function - being able to track readers' opening of their newsletter and the amount of hits that are being clocked, and also the availability of accessing previous campaigns - editing and resending as she wishes. When creating her campaign from start to finish with Shoutpoint, Steph enjoys seeing the newsletter as it would be seen as if it was sent to her email inbox.

Steph believes the challenge of creating a weekly newsletter as been solved using Shoutpoint, where the technical team behind it all at Heliocell have been incredibly helpful whenever she has had any questions or problems. And in the future? "We hope to offer more competitions through the newsletter, among other things," says Steph.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to BATSmail.

Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA)


The Tourism Industry Association New Zealand is the largest representative body of tourism operators in New Zealand.

More to come.

"Shoutpoint has provided an email newsletter answer
for those with basic or no web knowledge."

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-- Ann-Marie Johnson, Senior Communications Advisor TIA

T-mail (TIA)TIA uses Shoutpoint to send out their weekly newsletter to members on their large scale database. Members are automatically signed up to the feature when they register with TIA. This news brief includes important information on events, meetings and general updates on what TIA has been involved with during the week. Business tips have recently been introduced which are creating high interest.

Originally wanting a newsletter with a more streamlined approach, TIA implemented the Shoutpoint system in early 2008 with the challenge of producing a high quality email newsletter that was able to be viewed over dial-up as well as broadband connection speeds. Having clients all over New Zealand in various geographic locations meant that not all members would have up-to-the-minute computer technology to view their email newsletters and keep them in contact with what was happening in their association and the wider tourism industry.

Basic cut and paste emails from Microsoft Word just weren't the way to go anymore, and "...having Shoutpoint on board allowed us to move to more professional email newsletters," says Ann-Marie Johnson, Senior Communications Advisor of TIA. "Shoutpoint provided an answer for those with basic or no web knowledge. Even if I'm away on leave, colleagues can easily use the system without much prior experience or training."

And Ann-Marie's favourite feature of Shoutpoint? The reporting function. "I find myself telling colleagues interesting statistics that I've found out during the day.  It enables us to ensure we are meeting our members’ information needs and providing value to them," she says,” because of this, we have been happy to refer Shoutpoint to members and other organisations." Through use of the savvy reporting function where data is broken down into specific analytic categories, Ann-Marie also knows that sending email newsletters earlier in the day gets a higher opening rate, and sometimes even having a change of an hour can make a vast difference.

Aviation, Tourism & Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO)


The Aviation, Tourism & Travel Training Organisation develops qualifications and facilitates workplace training in the aviation, tourism, travel and museums industries.

"Tracking is really helpful for our marketing."

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-- Casey Virgin, Communications Coordinator ATTTOATTTO News

ATTTO uses the Shoutpoint tool to send their informative bi-monthly newsletters and small newsflashes to their customers and stakeholders, which vary in size from groups of 20 to 3,000 people.

Initially implemented in April 2008, Shoutpoint has enabled ATTTO to save time and money by moving from a paper-based postal method to the online format. The flexibility of Shoutpoint means that any number of updates can be sent to different groups quickly and accurately.

When deciding to move to electronic-based communications, choosing Shoutpoint was easy, explains Casey Virgin, Communications Coordinator at ATTTO.

"We had heard good things from other users of the Shoutpoint system, and found the communication and support from the Heliocell team excellent. They worked closely with us to set up a suite of templates that exactly suited our needs".

ATTTO's wide range of customers means that newsflashes, or eUpdates, are sent out on a regular basis. eNewsletter campaigns are built in advance and then sent out at a time when more email openings are likely.

Once a campaign has been sent, Casey looks forward to analysing the statistics of who has been opening them and clicking on particular articles, as it is always full of surprises;

"The tracking feature is really helpful for our marketing. We can gain a good understanding of the information that our customers find particularly interesting, so that we can tailor future communications to suit their interests."

Our customers include:

  • BATS Theatre
  • Grow Wellington
  • eDay 2008