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We can design newsletter templates for you that will work for your market. Using our experience we can guide you in the most effective design decisions. We have three options we can offer you when deciding which template design to use:

Pre-designed layout templates

We can apply your logo and brand colours to a standard layout. This is best if you already have a strong idea of your brand identity and what you want your template to look like.

After your colour scheme and logo have been applied, you will have a newsletter that looks uniquely you. Here are four examples of finished pre-designed templates:

  1. Eastwoodhill ArboretumEastwoodhill Arboretum
  2. Grow WellingtonGrow Wellington
  1. eDay 2008eDay 2008
  2. Chips and BeersChips and Beers

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Custom designed templates

When custom designing templates we follow the entire design process through to a finished design just for you. This includes 2 - 3 unique concepts, one of which is then developed into a finished design. This option is suitable if you want a stand out newsletter with a unique layout.

BATS theatre

Wellington Region Gold Awards 2009 Finalist

BATS Theatre send a weekly email of upcoming plays. People can sign up when visiting a play, or via the BATS website.

The template was custom designed for BATS, using their colour scheme and imagery. Two concepts were presented, and one was chosen to be developed into what you see today.


Soko send an email a couple times of year to inform customers when their next range of bags are out. At other times the newsletter is also used for promotional purposes, including competitions and Christmas specials. People can sign up when visiting the Soko website.

This template was custom designed for Soko, reflecting the streamlined design of their website. Concepts were developed into the final email as seen as above.

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Your own designed template

If you already have an idea of what you want your newsletter to look like, we have the skills to convert your own design into a template. No matter how simple or complex your draft, we can convert it into a simple to use newsletter. If you are a designer or don't know anything about code, this option would be best suited for you.

Dean Zillwood Photography

Dean Zillwood sends a monthly newsletter informing people of his latest work, and updates on his photography portfolio. People can sign up via the Dean Zillwood Photography website.

Dean provided us with an idea of what he wanted drawn in Microsoft Word, and we converted it into the newsletter you see above.

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