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Send yourself a free test version to check it out. Then send to your list immediately or schedule it for delivery at another time. This way you can build your campaigns in advance and schedule them for delivery tomorrow, next month or any time in between.

And the best bit - you only pay once you've sent your campaign. Our unique pricing plan means that you never pay any monthly or hidden fees.

Send Test EmailSend Test Email

Since there are a wide variety of tools people use to read their email, it's a good idea to test your campaign in several different environments before you send it. The two main types of applications people use to read their email include desktop applications, such as Microsoft Outlook Express, and web based email such as Hotmail and Yahoo!. Each of these environments render HTML emails differently and should be tested.

Send ImmediatelySend Immediately

In the final stage of creating a campaign, you must decide if you would like the campaign to be sent immediately, or have it scheduled for a specific time in the future. Your campaign will be queued on our delivery servers and sent to your recipients' email inbox immediately.

Schedule to SendSchedule to Send

The schedule to send stage tool allows you to specify when you would like to send your campaign in the future. This is helpful if you wish to make changes to this campaign in the next few days, months and so on.


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