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Our simple reports make it easy for you to check out the numbers that matter.  Our reports are updated in real time so you are always informed.This is really useful for seeing that your campaign is effective.

Campaign SnapshotCampaign Snapshot

All the important details like how many opened, how many clicked a link and how many unsubscribed are all viewable from our simple "campaign snapshot". Even if you're new to email marketing you can evaluate the results of your campaigns easily.

How many people have opened my emailsHow many people have opened my email

The "opens over time" report makes it so easy for you to see how many people have opened your email and when. You can even drill down to see how many links were clicked on at a certain time.

How many people clicked on a linkHow many people clicked a link?

Our "link activity" report makes it easy to see which links in your email were most popular and which recipients clicked them. This makes it so easy for you to identify what your recipients are interested in, and it gives you the opportunity to follow up on more qualified leads.

In depth reportsIn depth reports

Our "recipient activity" report lets you analyse some serious detail on your campaign. Easily see what you subscriber did with your email, when they opened it and what links they clicked on. These reports will give you up to the minute information and keep a complete history on their activity.

Email client reportEmail client usage

Our email client usage report lets you know exactly what email client your recipients are using to read your emails in. Find out which email client is the most popular and tailor your template to make sure those subscribers are seeing the campaign as it should look.

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