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How can I avoid spam filters?

Behind the scenes we do everything we can to ensure your email gets delivered.

Ultimately, the most important thing you can do is follow best practices for email marketing. Gain permission, compose relevant content, and deliver messages according to the customer's needs, wants, and preferences.

Here are a couple of additional tips to consider when writing your newsletters:

  1. Minimise the use of these words and phrases:
    • Free, $$, XXX, sex or any excessive punctuation;
    • Subject lines that contain "Double Your", "?", "For Only", etc;
    • Email contains at least 70 percent blank lines;
    • The from field appears to not contain a real name, ends in numbers or contains the word friend;
    • Claims that this email is not spam;
    • Too many images without much text.
  2. If you have a sign-up form on your website, monitor new subscribers in your lists. Deactivate suspicious addresses such as "abuse@" or "marketerspam@".

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