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Can I use personalisation?

Yes! Your subject line and content for each email you send can be personalised with recipient's details such as their name.

We usually set this up for you in your template, so just ask if you want us to put it in.

If you feel comfortable, you can put it in yourself by following the directions below. By adding any of the following to your subject or email content, we will dynamically change these values for every recipient when sending the campaign.

Detail Copy and paste this
First name [firstname,fallback=any term you like]
Last Name [lastname,fallback=any term you like]
Full Name [fullname,fallback=any term you like]
Email Address [email]

When using name personalisation, you can provide a fallback value which is displayed if that field is empty for that recipient. If you would like nothing displayed when a recipient's name field is empty, simply leave the fallback value blank (e.g. [firstname,fallback=]).

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