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Sending your first newsletter

If you're new to email marketing, the following guidelines cover the basics you should consider before getting started.

Understand permission-based marketing

By far the most important aspect of email marketing is the concept of permission. It's the only thing separating you from the spammers of this world, but for many it remains a grey area. It doesn't need to be.

Read What kind of permission do I need? to understand what permission-based marketing means.

Capture subscribers

If you have a web site, you should add an email subscribe form to capture new subscribers. You might also want to consider adding an opt-in checkbox to any existing forms. Just make sure these forms explain what you will be contacting them about and how often.

Smart sending

When you create a new campaign, you will set the following details for your email:

  1. From name Does the message look like it's coming from the correct place?
  2. From email address Who and what email address would you like the campaign to come from?
  3. Reply email address When someone replies to the message does it reply to the correct place?
  4. Subject line Is it meaningful and will it grab attention? Read more about subject lines
  5. Ensure that your content has been proof-read and checked by someone other than the author.

Download this PDF checklist to use again later
Always use consistent details when sending your campaigns, and remember to send test emails to check these details are correct before sending your campaign (you can send test emails for free).

Measure the results

After you have sent a couple of campaigns, compare the results. Try out different subject lines, and learn what works and doesn't work for your recipients.

Make changes to your template design or newsletter content - for example, if one particular topic is by far the most popular, considering starting your newsletter with that topic.

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